She stood there—simply stood,

with rounded belly and flowering jade shooting from her breasts.

Her head was fallen back, out of sight, but there—

And I felt that her mind was clear and her eyes were focused on a straighter path than any I had seen before.

She was holding something—not in her arms, which hung calmly at her sides, but in her capacity, in her round, fierce-eyed, musical, womanly love.

Nature, people, animals….no…it was more than that.  And simpler.

She held compassion in her capacity

as though she were a pure vessel for it.

The sun moved and her head came forward.

Her long hair of golden willow boughs blew around her, tangled, outrageous—unconcerned.

I feel as though I love and understand her. I admire her natural strength to hold such a giving boundary—although, in truth, she is a temporary encounter of light and wind playing across the jade plant on the crate marked N.S. 12-231/639 60 CARTRIDGES Toronto 12/70 6  2.75 MADE IN POLAND   FAM  C.W., beneath my window.

This Goddess, very real, very felt, has clothed my heart in vibrant green and

I am changed by her.

She shows me how to keep a dignified bearing in the throes of rebirth.

How to stand strong with clear eyes and wild hair, head thrown back, knowing what lies ahead, yet—it would appear, now that she has picked up a sword or a staff from the shadows—not fearing my own transience.

It occurs to me that if she laughs, and I believe she must have a great sense of humour, the sound would be guttural not sweet—a joyous, belly quivering roar like the bass notes of a singing bowl.

The sun moves  and she expands beyond her capacity; she exudes beyond the confines of her form.  She is unafraid! She stands Naked and Radiating and Changing—In plain View—And she is unafraid!

She is a visiting shadow on the faded yellow wall of my room—yet she is more alive than I.

by Robin Skelhorn


“The Joy of Africa” painting by L.S.



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