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Jam packed with nutrition and deliciousness (and jam), Jam Posies are the perfect cookies for May, whether you are celebrating Beltane or Mother’s Day, they are energizing and great for breakfast with coffee or tea. (If you are a coffee drinker, check out David Wolfe’s non-acidic coffee beans for full bodied flavour without the negative impact on your health.)

Cookie Dough

Place in mixing bowl:

1c rolled oats + pinch of sea salt~ ground into flour with flat blade of magic bullet or coffee grinder

1c almonds~ ground  into meal with flat blade of magic bullet or coffee grinder

1/2c of whole rolled oats

2TBS coconut sugar

1tsp cinnamon

generous pinch of cardamom

pinch of ground nutmeg and allspice to taste

mix dry ingredients together

add  3TBS coconut nectar

add splash of lemon juice

add filtered water-approx 3TBS- enough to form workable dough.

Form into flat rounds and place on dehydrator sheet

Create a hollow in the center with thumbs

Pinch edges with thumb and index finger to make flowers


 Blackberry Jam

1/2c (handful) of  blackberries

1TBS coconut sugar ground with flat blade into icing sugar smoothness

1TBS coconut nectar

splash of lemon juice

blend with raised blade of magic bullet or blender into thick liquid.


Fill the flower centers with jam and dehydrate  at 105 degrees for about six hours-or as long as you can wait-they are good after an hour or two, too!